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  • Supplying state of the art semitrailer to TINE dairies in Norway

    March 2020

    We are proud to be able to supply this state of the art 32,000-litre semitrailer, packed with hyper-modern functionality, to Tine in Norway.

    The trailer is equipped with a battery-operated milk pump as part of the efforts to become carbon neutral. This is an energy-efficient solution which also saves on idle time and creates less noise pollution. The trailer tank is also equipped with solar panels with a total output of around 2,000 watts to supplement the charging and maintenance of the batteries.

    We have also further developed our pump cabinet to include a hose pulling system that ensures more careful handling of the milk, higher pump speeds and easier operation.

    The trailer is equipped with two hydraulically controlled spindles that are operated by the same battery pack as the milk pump.

    Weight optimisation has, as always, been a focus in our search for increased payloads through the use of e.g. duplex steel and fibreglass.

    What do you think about TINE’s innovative new semitrailer?

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