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  • Road tankers and sustainability

    September 2020

    At VM Tarm a / s, we continuously strive to reduce our impact on the environment and climate.

    CO2-neutral production

    Our district heating is produced on solar and biomass. And by buying so-called green certificates, we ensure that electricity and gas are produced from renewable energy sources corresponding to the company’s total electricity consumption. Our production is thus CO2-neutral.

    Green transportation

    Our trucks and vans run on 100% HVO biodiesel, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90%. Our forklifts and several of our passenger cars are electric. And our employees get a financial bonus if they cycle or go to work instead of driving.

    Waste recycling

    We make a great effort to sort waste and residual products, and we regularly consult with experts about the possibility of sending even more waste fractions for recycling. Our preliminary goal is to completely avoid sending waste to landfill, which has almost succeeded. A large part of our scrap metal is purchased by the Technical School and is thus used for education.

    Waste reduction

    We strive to reduce our waste volumes. We have thus abolished all one-time service, and we have replaced physical manuals with digital, which saves the environment many thousands of pages of paper a year. In addition, we ask our suppliers to use a minimum of packaging.

    At VM Tarm a / s, we continuously strive to reduce our impact on the environment and climate

    Energy optimization

    Efforts are constantly being made to reduce energy consumption. For example, 90% of the heat in the air from the extraction in the production halls is recycled and we use LED lights for lighting.

    VM Tarm a/s - green transportation
    VM Tarm a/s - road tankers - waste recycling

    Weight optimization

    Years ago, VM Tarm a/s started working intensively with weight optimization, i.a. in connection with the Tanker of the Future trailer, which the Danish Environmental Protection Agency gave us support for. Today we produce the lightest tankers on the market. In this way, we help the transport industry to reduce their consumption of diesel and the accompanying CO2 emissions.

    Sustainable company pension

    Our salaried employees are offered to place their pension savings in sustainable securities.

    Customized is sustainable

    VM Tarm a/s make customized solutions that are tailored to the customer’s specific working conditions. This makes work more efficient and avoids waste of resources. In addition, one avoids spending resources on producing functions that are not used.

    Repair and maintenance

    A large and growing part of our business is repair and service. This fits into the future where we need to take more care of the resources. If it is possible to repair a damaged tanker instead of discarding it, we always recommend this.

    Stainless steel – a sustainable material

    Most of our tanks, undercarriages and components are made of stainless / acid-proof steel. It is a sustainable choice. If stainless steel is treated properly, it can in principle last forever. Stainless steel scrap can also be recycled 100%, and its quality is preserved during recycling.