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  • Bitumen tanks

    VM Tarm focus on producing bitumen tanks with a low intrinsic weight, long lifetime and minimum maintenance costs. We create the best solution for you, short-and long-term.

    All tanks are produced in acid-resistant steel and can be approved up to 250 degrees. Chassis frames, consoles, etc. are of stainless steel. Individual customisations are also possible.

    With the technical expertise at our disposal, we can offer a bitumen tanker that meets the different and changing needs of a bitumen tank.

    The bitumen tanks are produced in accordance with the current statutory/regulatory requirements and supplied with relevant certificates.

    Bitumen trailers for Nordic Bitumen AB

    For Nordic Bitumen AB in Sweden, we produced 2 ADR bitumen trailers with a tank volume of 32,000 litres. The bitumen trailers are equipped with a 12 kW immersion heater that can be used to heat the tank contents while at a standstill.

    Technical specifications of the bitumen trailer
    • Tank shell: 3.5 mm acid-resistant steel, EN 1.4404
    • 1 compartment
    • 100 mm insulation
    • Tare weight approx 6,150 kg.
    • Reg. country: Sweden
    • Two 10 tonne BPW axles with disc brakes
    • 2.6 bar working pressure and 200°C
    • 12 kW immersion heater for heating load

    Bitumen trailer for Anneberg Transport A/S

    One of Anneberg Transport A/S´ bitumen trailer is allowed to drive in both Denmark and Sweden with a maximum authorized weight of 54 tons.
    By removing the adjustable trolley pivot, it is possible to drive legally in both countries. The bitumen trailer is one of the first of its kind.

    Technical specifications of the bitumen trailer
    • 44,000 litres.
    • 3 mm acid-resistant steel, EN 1.4571.
    • 2 compartments (15,000 l / 29,000 l).
    • 100 mm insulation.
    • Tare weight of approx. 9,400 kg.
    • 4 x SAF Intradisc axles of 9 tons.
    • Axle lift device on the first and the fourth axle.
    • 2 x caster axles.
    • 4” pneumatic Fort Vale foot valve.
    • 2 x heating pipes.
    • Dura-Bright aluminium wheel rims.
    • Insulated valve box.


    Allan S. Hansen

    Sales Consultant

    +45 40 10 29 44