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    Development aid

    In 2017 VM Tarm gave financial support to a local Indian education centre in the state of Tamil Nadu.

    The centre Women Workers Training Center aims through schooling and training to help girls and young women be prepared to cope with adulthood.

    The centre also has a farm, where new farming methods are trialled and the surrounding villages are trained in agriculture.

    In the villages there is also training in health issues, children’s rights and the start-up of local financing groups.

    Current projects supported by VM Tarm:

    • Training of trainers in reproductive health, such as contraception, family planning and women’s rights.
    • Eye tests, glasses and eye surgery.
    • Installation of solar panels to save electricity costs.
    • Drilling of a new well and installation of a new drinking water tank.

    India – Orissa
    In 2018, VM Tarm also supported another local Indian project. The Khond tribal people live in a mountainous area in the Indian state of Orissa. Here, many members of the tribe are illiterate, which makes it difficult for them to manage in terms of making purchases elsewhere, and also selling their own crops.

    VM Tarm gives financial support to ensure that the Khond children can receive schooling. This may be at a private school, Mitra Residential School Kachapaju, and by sending support teachers to selected public schools. The latter is called Adding Quality To Education.

    The project is a local Indian initiative arising from the wishes of the tribal people themselves, and is built on respect for their unique way of life. Without financial support for education, many children would have no real chance of learning the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

    Emergency Aid

    In response to one of the largest humanitarian disasters for many years, VM Tarm also donated money to Syrian war refugees in 2017. The funds are channelled through DanChurchAid and Danmission locally, to refugee camps inside and outside of Syria.

    The war in Syria has created a huge need for humanitarian aid, including psychological help for people who have experienced the horrors of the war at close hand. Some of those most affected by the war are children. They have nightmares, suffer from insomnia, exhibit aggressive behaviour, are depressed and often keep themselves away from other children.
    Through psychosocial programmes – which are financially supported – children get some of their childhood back by participating in play, group activities and sport. Through play, the children process and understand their experiences, and get the strength to deal with their new living conditions. By playing, the children get positive experiences that raise their spirits and give them a sense of security.

    September 2018