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  • Liquid manure pump for added efficiency

    The VM Tarm liquid manure pump offers very high speed pumping to save you time and make you more efficient.

    Made in stainless material, the liquid manure pump is maintenance-free and made to last.

    • Technical specifications
    • The pump is lubricated only via the trailer’s central lubrication system. No further lubrication is required.
    • To empty the tank via the crane, remove the impeller from the pump housing mouth, which offers minimal resistance.
    • As an option, the sharp end of the pump can be supplied with or without a gate valve.
    • The rotary parts are balanced to prevent vibration in the system.
    • Incoming pump speed is min. 15,000 litres per min. (liquid manure with 7% solid particles sucked directly from the tank.).

    VM Tarm liquid manure pump