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  • Liquid manure trailers

    Linkogas AmbA 39.000-litre liquid manure trailer.
    Vognmand Jesper Møller Aps 39.000-litre liquid manure trailer.
    Obel Transport Transport A/S 40.500-litre liquid manure trailer.
    PR Slamsugning AB - 36.000-litre liquid manure trailer.
    Dan-Slovakia Agrar a.s. - 2 pcs. 26.000-litre liquid manure trailer.
    Ohlssons AB - 36.000-litre liquid manure trailer.
    Vognmandsfirmaet Allan & Jesper A/S - 40.000-litre liquid manure trailer.
    Vognmand Michael Døhr Johansson - 39.000-litre liquid manure trailer.
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    Our liquid manure tankers and liquid manure trailers are supplied in different sizes and with PLC control systems and radio control. Tank, chassis, crane and piping are all in stainless steel.

    Time is money, so we have strong focus on pumping capacity. We offer three types of pump systems, to meet various needs.

    Our liquid manure tankers and liquid manure trailers are further developed in partnership with our customers.

    VM Tarm is a pioneer in this area: We have been building liquid manure tankers and trailers since the 1990s and were among the first manufacturers to construct tankers designed to carry liquid manure on trucks and trailers.


    Jan Johansen

    Sales Consultant

    +45 40 38 50 33