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    We offer mink feed tankers of stainless steel adjusted to the preferred chassis. The mink feed tanker has a large bottom slope and a trough that clings tightly around the bottom screw. In this way the tank will be emptied completely of feed, which minimizes the amount of waste and cleaning. 

    Our standard mink feed tankers are provided with a DME weighing system with a hydraulically driven bottom screw and feed pump as well as a manually swivelling feed hose.

    The mink feed tanker can be provided with various accessories, e.g. a fully hydraulic crane arm, which relieves the work day of the driver and reduces any possible danger of infection.

    We also offer mink feed tankers that are built up as 2-, 3- or 4-axle trailers with positively driven axles etc. to improve the manoeuvrability of the trailer.

    Our know-how and continuous sale of mink feed tankers to feed handling facilities in the Nordic countries have contributed to making our technical solutions market-leading.


    Jacob Hindsig

    Sales Consultant

    +45 51 54 16 44