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  • Our service department constructs tractor units according to the customer’s wishes.

    Among other things, we can offer:

    • Hydraulic construction for i.a. truck, truck, wagon and tow
    • Hangers for light plugs and air and hydraulic couplings with waste tray
    • Stainless plate behind the driver’s cabin between screen and back stool.
    • Side skirt in stainless plate.
    • Tool cabinet in veneer covered with stainless steel plate
    • Allocation and varnishing
    • Cover with lights under roof spoiler, behind cab
    • Side cover on chassis
    • Cutting of lodge as desired
    • Approved government work in accordance with truck – hydraulic structure

    The tractor unit has been fitted with: 
    The tractor is built with:
    • Installation of LS-controlled hydraulic pump, mounted in engine PTO
    • Installation of safety valve and control valve for LS
    • Installation of stainless steel hydraulic tank, behind driver’s cab
    • Installation of return filter, drain filter and LS filter
    • Installation of quick couplings for driving with slurry trailers
    • Mount oil cooler on hydraulic tank side
    • Installation of temperature monitor on hydraulic oil, with driver’s cab alarm
    • Installation bracket for broom and bucket, on side of hydraulic tank
    • Installation of 10 ”color monitor, in driver’s cab

    Customer: Hatlinghus

    The tractor unit has been fitted with: 
    The tractor is built with:
    • Mounting of hydraulic tank on chassis, behind the cab
    • Mounting of two pieces. hydraulic pumps
    • Hydraulic construction with driving to slurry semitrailer
    • Mounting of oil cooler
    • Two pieces. tool cabinet on the right and left side of the hydraulic tank
    • Tool cabinet on side of chassis
    • Painting of a dry plate, beam and front grille
    • Mounting of aluminum door in front and behind stool
    • Mounting of various lamps

    Customer: Hatlinghus

    The tractor unit has been fitted with: 
    The tractor is built with:
    • Compressor GD 175 incl. hydraulic motor, piping and hose.
    • Stainless parking, for hose from compressor.
    • Hydrapak incl. hydraulic pump and hose connections.
    • Rustfribelle on roof incl. 2 pcs. Xenon lights and 2 flashlights with flash.

    Customer: Nilsens & Kokkersvold AS

    The tractor unit is fitted with:
    • Installation of variable hydraulics, for driving to liquid manure trailer.
    • Installation oil cooler.
    • Installation of the tip valve.
    • Installation stainless steel hinges.
    • Installation of brake valves for brake air.
    • Installation of camera cable in the hose.
    • Installation a blank, stainless steel plate under the stool.
    • Installation a blank stainless steel plate on the chassis behind the stool.
    • Installation top plate with luminaire mounting under top spoiler.
    • Installation side marker lamps on side of stainless steel plate.
    • Painting between screens and top plates under spoiler.

    Customer: Skave Maskinstation

    The tractor unit is fitted with:
    • Installation of compressor Garden Denver 175.
    • Stainless steel cabinet with electrical outlet.
    • Original Scania side cover on lid of cabinet.
    • 6 pieces. Work lamps.
    • Air cylinder on the stool for moving the stool.
    • 2 pcs. Plastic closure for fire extinguisher, on the backside of the cab.
    • Aluminium cover on chassis, behind the stool.
    • Rustproof frame, fitted with aluminium door in front of the stool.
    • Aluminium door under existing hanger.
    • Auction of aluminium door, in the colour nature.
    • Mounting of parking, for compressor hose.

    Customer: Eliassons Åkeri AB

    We have fitted hydraulic structure with variable hydraulics. Hydraulic tank mounted on the side of the chassis. Sturdy frame fitted with aluminum door, front stool. Door panels are alloyed in color “nature”. Aluminum cover on the chassis behind the stool. The door plate is alloyed in color “nature”.

    Rustproof hinges are installed behind the cab with hydraulic connections and original electrical and air connections. On the side of the gallows, oil cooler is fitted with a round, stainless steel cover. On the side of the chassis, the veneer closet is fitted with a stainless steel cover with a battery cover. In the other half of the cabinet, there are shelves, lights and heat installed for cooling water on the truck and the chassis is fitted with a smooth, rustproof side cover.

    Customer: Lemvig Bioenergiselskab AmbA


    Jesper M. Kristensen

    Sales Consultant

    +45 99 48 33 04