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De Danske Mejeriers Maskinfabrik (DDMM, the Danish Dairies’ Machinery Factory) in the Danish town of Kolding posts Bernhard Lauritsen to Tarm to carry out service work at the dairies in Western Jutland.


Bernhard Lauritsen has built up a good reputation among the dairies and now wishes to set up his own business. He therefore establishes the company Vestjysk Mejeriservice for the distribution and installation of De Danske Mejeriers Maskinfabrik’s dairy machines. As transportation of milk in cans from the farm to the dairy by tractor and trailer is gradually replaced by the new milk tankers, Vestjysk Mejeriservice begins to repair and maintain these new vehicles.


Vestjysk Mejeriservice builds and delivers its first milk tanker to Mejeriselskabet Danmark (MD) – now Arla Foods. This is soon followed by additional deliveries.


The business is handed down to the second generation. Bernhard Lauritsen sells Vestjysk Mejeriservice to the next generation in the family. His son Knud Lauritsen becomes Managing Director.


The company receives its first export order. This is for three trailer tankers to carry surplus milk from southwestern Norway to the Oslo area.


There is rapid growth in milk tanker production. The original dairy service activities are sold off. The company’s name is changed to VM Tarm a/s, based on the “V” and “M” from the name Vestjysk Mejeriservice.


The product range is expanded. Tankers are now also built in stainless steel, for the transport of hazardous cargoes, fat, liquid waste, beer, etc.


VM Tarm a/s acquires Dansk Tankvogns Produktion A/S, a company based in Grindsted in Denmark which produces fodder tankers in aluminium. These activities are soon transferred to Tarm and assimilated into production there.


As a result of developments within Danish agriculture, including new official requirements for handling liquid manure, the company begins to develop and produce liquid manure trailers.


The business is handed down to the third generation. Holger Ross Lauritsen becomes majority shareholder and CEO. There is targeted focus on high quality, a high service level and longstanding customer relations.


​VM Tarm a/s is in strong development. Adjacent properties are being acquired, investments are made in new technology, and a series of new production halls are being constructed for both new builds and service/repairs. Sustainability and health are becoming integral parts of the company's strategy.

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VM Tarm a/s

​VM Tarm a/s builds customised tankers in stainless steel and aluminium. Our most important values are quality, service and sustainability.

We have 60 years’ experience and build around 300 tankers each year.