Chemical tankers

​Our chemical tankers are primarily supplied in stainless or acid-resistant steel, with emphasis on weight, functionality, durability and maintenance. The chemical tankers are built in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements. 

They are delivered with the relevant approvals, depending on which products they are to transport.

We have over 25 years’ experience and a large customer portfolio in the Nordic countries. 

We thus have in-depth expertise with chemical tankers for the transport of many different chemical products.

In recent years, we have worked intensely with weight optimisation. 

Today, our chemical tankers are probably the lightest in the world.

Bitumen tanks

VM Tarm focus on producing bitumen tanks with a low intrinsic weight, long lifetime and minimum maintenance costs.

We create the best solution for you, short-and long-term. All tanks are produced in acid-resistant steel and can be approved up to 250 degrees. Chassis frames, consoles, etc. are of stainless steel. Individual customisations are also possible.

With the technical expertise at our disposal, we can offer a bitumen tanker that meets the different and
​changing needs of a bitumen tank. The bitumen tanks are produced in accordance with the current
​statutory/regulatory requirements and supplied with relevant certificates.

Composite tanks

VM Tarm a/s offers composite tanks for the transport of strong chemicals. The tank is delivered in the materials FRP 

(Fibre-reinforced plastic) or FRP+ (Fluoro plastic inner layer, also called Halar), which makes the tank highly resistant to extra strong chemicals. A composite tank is extremely flexible, since it is very easy to clean, and can therefore carry various different chemical products. A composite tank can also hold products with various different densities, and withstand major temperature fluctuations from -40 to +100°C. The tank is also insulated with 30 mm between the inner and outer mantle.

The actual composite tank is delivered by Admor Composites Ltd in Finland. All other materials and equipment, such as rustproof undercarriage, piping, wiring network, etc. are produced and installed at our factory in Tarm, Denmark. The composite tank is produced in accordance with the current official requirements and supplied with relevant approvals. 

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Administrer samtykke

All the tankers are designed and produced at our own facilities in Tarm, Western Jutland.​

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VM Tarm a/s

​VM Tarm a/s builds customised tankers in stainless steel and aluminium. Our most important values are quality, service and sustainability.

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