Milk tankers

The milk segment is VM Tarm’s cornerstone. Over several decades, we have developed and produced milk tankers 

in collaboration with our customers. This long-term milk tanker experience has given us extensive knowledge 

of physical haulage conditions, hygiene requirements, pump cabin design, control systems and tank types.

In recent years, we have worked intensely with weight optimisation. Today, our milk tankers are probably 

the lightest in the world.

Environmental aspects have led our development department to focus on weight optimisation, 

safety solutions to avoid occupational accidents, and continuous optimisation for compliance with

 weight regulations, regulatory requirements, and new products.

​As a market-leading tanker supplier in the Nordic countries, we are your optimal supplier, 

with expert knowledge and a great understanding of your tasks.

Our latest deliveries

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Jacob Hindsig​

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Jacob Hindsig

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+45 51 54 16 44

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VM Tarm a/s

​VM Tarm a/s builds customised tankers in stainless steel and aluminium. Our most important values are quality, service and sustainability.

We have 60 years’ experience and build around 300 tankers each year.