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+45 97 37 16 44

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07.00 – 16.00​


07.00 – 16.00​


07.00 – 16.00​


07.00 – 16.00​


07.00 – 13.00​


Holger Ross Lauritsen

Managing Director

Kaj Christensen

Financial Director

Karsten F. Lauridsen

Production Manager

Sune Boelskifte

Technical Manager


Holger Ross Lauritsen

Sales Manager

Jan Johansen

Sales Consultant
Liquid manure tankers DK, NO

Special tankers: fish

Jacob Hindsig

Sales Consultant

​Milk tankers

Liquid manure SE

​Special tankers: Beer, vacuum tankers, water

Lars Lykkevold Johansen

Sales Consultant

Oil/petrol tankers DK, NO, SE


Allan S. Hansen

Sales Consultant

Chemical tankers SE, FI

Feed tankers DK, SE


Jeppe Baldersbæk

Sales Consultant

Liquid manure tankers DK  SE, FI

Tractor unit construction

Randi Faaborg-Hansen

Sales Secretary

Kristina Tang

Marketing Manager

Project managers

Dannie F. Lauridsen

Project Manager

Vacuum tankers

Beer tankers

Special tankers

Jonfinn Thomassen

Project Manager

Chemical tankers

Fish tankers


René F. Lauridsen

Project Manager

Milk tankers

Tractor unit constructio

Johnny Krøy Pedersen

Project Manager

Liquid manure tankers

Martin Jakobsen

Project Manager

Feed tankers

Service and Repairs

Mikkel Keller

Service Manager

Pia Bregnholm

Planning Assistent

Dennis N. Barbesgaard

Project Manager

Karsten Damgaard

Project Manager & Insurance cases


Jens Chr. Pedersen

Warehouse Manager

Mads Pedersen

Warehouse Foreman


Børge Wiuff



Holger Ross Lauritsen

Managing Director

Knud Lauritsen

Chairman of the board

Holger Ross Lauritsen and Knud Lauritsen is also the main shareholders in A/S.

We care about our climate

Road tankers and sustainability

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​​Tværvej 25, 6880 Tarm

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Telephone:  +45 97 37 16 44


CVR: 11784879


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Opening hours

Monday - thursday

07.00 - 16.00


07.00 - 13.00

Saturday and sunday


VM Tarm a/s

​VM Tarm a/s builds customised tankers in stainless steel and aluminium. Our most important values are quality, service and sustainability.

We have 60 years’ experience and build around 300 tankers each year.