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  • Very successful new liquid manure pump

    There have been many positive responses to VM Tarm a/s’ new stainless steel liquid manure pump. The results of pilot tests in the real world confirm that this pump offers real benefits.

    Testing the new liquid manure pump has been really great. It is much more powerful and saves us a great deal of time each day,” says Leif Riget, owner of Riget Transport ApS.

    Riget Transport ApS in Randers (Denmark) recently took delivery of two new liquid manure trailers from VM Tarm a/s. Both are fitted with the new liquid manure pump.

    Leif’s son, René, took to the road with one of the liquid manure pumps. He saved 1-2 hours’ work each week and transported the same quantity of liquid manure. “I’m very impressed. The pump is incredibly effective,” says René Riget.

    Loading times are about 25% faster with the new pump than with similar models we have worked with. We load 39 tons of liquid manure in less than three minutes with VM Tarm a/s’ new liquid manure pump,” says René. He adds that the liquid manure pump is virtually noiseless and vibration is limited.
    Father and son agree: “It’s great to use and we would warmly recommend it to others.”

    Riget Transport ApS is a haulier company that transports liquid manure and other products from farmers to biogas plants. The fleet comprises six trucks and 10 trailers. VM Tarm a/s delivered both new liquid manure trailers in June 2016.


    Jan Johansen

    Sales Consultant

    +45 40 38 50 33